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User Comments

  • ¡°PartsManager is easy to use, understand and suit our working environment well. I¡¯m satisfied with the software,¡± says Mohandas, the Assistance Production Manager.

  • ¡°We can check and monitor finished goods, raw materials and in-process inventory status at any point in time just with a click on mouse.¡± says Zarina, Inventory Executives.

  • ¡°Processing Purchase Order and Invoices are all automated now,¡± Tijah says, Purchasing Executive ¡°saving us a lot of time and we can have more time to communicate with suppliers or customers. It is very user-friendly, and we can manage inf easily from one module to another.¡±

  • ¡°We no longer need to spend countless hours manually building and updating multiple spreadsheets to manage the operations, often with limited success.¡±Kadijah, MIS Executive

  • ¡°Most of the routine tasks are handled by PartsManager such as generating the Master Production Schedule and Materials Requirement Planning, etc. The software speeds up the preparation of report.¡± Says Marliana, Production Planning Executives

  • ¡°Once the quantity reaches the re-order level, the shortage message will alert user and it helps to avoid the production running out of stock. This is a useful feature as we have to deliver the finished goods to customer on time.¡± says Mzaid, Inventory Executive.

  • ¡°I can easily check whether the PO is completed or not and electronic approval save us a lot of time. It also helps me to generate the Cost Savings/Daily/Monthly Report automatically just within a few minutes only.¡± says Vijay, Purchasing Executive.

Note: The opinions were given by users during interviews at the following companies: Autoventure Electronics S/B, Autoven Door Systems S/B, Direct Past Rubber S/B, Automako S/B., HKR manufacturing S/B, Nobel Decree S/B.