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Programming Technology

Components of PM II

1. Database C PostgreSQL Database

The world's most advanced open source database "Open source and free PostgreSQL has the speed, compatibility, SQL, and features as sophisticated as the number one commercial database." - Ferry Irawan, NewJavaSoft, Indonesia Organizations Using PostgreSQL: BASF, Skype, Cisco, U.S. State Department Award Winning - 2008 Product of the Year, Database Tool


2. DataServer
The server part of PM II Serve to control access to the database Enable communication between users, and PM II clients Information user about database changes Pure Java (100% Java) implementation, thereby allowing platform independence


3. PM II Web Rich Client

The client part of PM II The main window for users to perform data entry, data processing, and data retrieval Pure Java (100% Java) implementation, thereby achieving platform independence

  • Web enabled / WAP enabled
  • 3-tier architecture
  • Oracle + D2K
  • XML interface capable
  • Easy interface with other existing software, machines
  • Platform independent
  • Java technologies
  • Portal development
  • Personal Information Management utilities
  • Web based chat and email
  • Self service applications(Work flow automation)
  • SCM, CRM, Knowledge Management
  • Global Value Chain
  • Multilingual capable
  • Various hosting options / models