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Focus Softnet Global

The Focus Suite of advanced business applications has been evolving since 1992 and has enhanced business efficiency at more than 30,000 corporations across the globe. Conceived by a team of professionals focused on developing cost-efficient software solutions for specific industry requirements, the Focus Suite today stands for a wide range of comprehensive, versatile business management applications. For you, the Focus expertise enables production of customized solutions on short implementation cycles.
Focus Softnet, from humble beginnings has evolved into a multinational company, recognized for technical excellence and rapid evolution of solutions that deliver absolute value for money.
We develop solutions that move businesses and help them grow in a highly competitive environment. Quality and customer satisfaction are the pivots of our value proposition to the clients. With an established network of 25 offices spread across 15 countries, we are a company you can rely on for more than just world-class solutions.

1. High quality deliverables
2. On-time, on-budget project delivery
3. 100% maintenance guarantee

We, Focus Softnet, offer clients a blend of consultancy services and IT skills, which facilitates reengineering of business processes and optimizes client resources. It helps organizations in automating the business processes suitable to their operations, which increase the productivity and efficiency.Solutions developed in constant consultation with functional and management experts from the industry seamlessly integrate a wide range of customer requirements. They minimize information bottlenecks and are in keeping with the client organization's overall vision and strategy.
We provide solutions in client-server technologies, database maintenance, web based technologies, e-commerce, networks etc. Solution strategies include all critical phases of software development life cycle, languages and tools for analysis of requirements, detailed designing, coding, testing, debugging, fine tuning the existing functionalities and implementation.


TS was formed in year 2000 with the philosophy of providing quality professional IT solutions to businesses. The first solution engineered by TS was custom made enterprise software for the Land Surveyor Board (LSB) of Peninsular Malaysia. TS offered this solution to LSB together with their business alliance, Vcal System & Services, a Hewlett Packard Premium Business Partner. The project was about developing a total enterprise software solution for LSB so that it enables LSB's officers to manage all the survey jobs, internal investment, cash receipt and disbursement, accounting works and more. This is a solution that allows LSB's officers to perform their daily job simply by using a web-browser. This software solution was designed to provide ease of data entry and ease of use so that it would be far easier to manage and to use than most of the off-the-shelves software products. To date, TS is constantly providing enhancement to the solutions that we created for LSB so that it continues to work better.

TS provides three major solutions to their customers:

  • Software Development Solutions - provide customizable software solutions as well as off-the-shelves software products. TS offer software development in various platforms. For example: Java, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++ and more.
  • System Integration Solutions - TS can assist customer to perform a total solution integration so that they can enjoy using it rather going through the hassle process of setting it up such as to setup servers for hosting their email, www, and faxes, set up remote access, lay network cable and etc.
  • Communication Solutions - ever since the Internet becomes popular, communication has been an important element in IT. TS solution is the Malaysia distribution partner of PERLE products. PERLE is a world class manufacturer of communication products such as routers, terminal servers, multi-port serial card, remote access server and etc.
  • Product Development - In April year 2003, TS has completed a software product for loose cheque printing, called the Taylori EZ Cheque. This is a cheque printing software specially developed for the purpose of assisting business entities in printing their cheques professionally and easily while offering a database for keeping track of all the cheques issued by the company. Most importantly, this software reduces the possibilities of cheque fraud and illegal withdrawal.

If you have the followings :

  • Have and established sales forces
  • Have strong established business relationship
  • Have at least two years experience in IT industry
  • Have got your own infrastructure

We can help by :

  • Joint Venturing in specific marketing activities
  • Help with sales / corporate presentation
  • Provide sales and marketing supports
  • Provide Training and Technical support