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Our Services

We are offering these two types of services.

Maintenance is usually referred to service charge on the existing product sold. It can be a service on software or Hardware & Network and others.

Example for Maintenance on software/application like :

  • Support maintenance to check and troubleshoot the Hardware server & PCs.
  • To support and troubleshot the network environment including routers/ HUB/ Switch/ modem for LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity.

Products of Maintenance :

  • Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server 2000
  • Sco OfficeServer 4.1, OpenServer 5.07 and UnixWare server 7.14

Add-on modules/Hardware :

1. Additional 20 User Licenses.
2. Mcafee Active Virus Defense, together with EPO ver 3.0.
3. Specialix IO0+ 8 Port Serial Card.
4. 3 units of Multitech 56K External Modem.
5. Compaq Smart Array 431 Raid Controller. 6. Compaq DDS2 Tape Drive.
7. 2 units of 9GB SCSI II Hard Disk.

Good Working Condition :

1. Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server 2000 running
  1. Microsoft Windows 2000 as the Operating System with Service Pack 4
  2. Microsoft Exchange 2000 as the email server with Service Pack 3
  3. Microsoft ISA 2000 as the proxy & basic firewall
  4. Microsoft SQL 2000 as the Mcafee Active Virus Defense database server
  5. Microsoft Fax Server serving 3 fax lines and 3 printers as fax output
2. The server is set up to connect to the Internet Service Provider (Swiftcom - Nasionet) for utilizing the mail forwarding account.
3. The server is running Specialix ISA IO8+ 8 RS232 Port Serial Card. 3 of the 8 Serial ports are used for the Fax Server
4. The server is running 3 units of 3 units of Multitech 56K External Modem for Fax Service
5. The server is running Compaq Smart Array 431 Raid Controller
6. The server is running DDS2 Tape Drive
7. McAfee Active Virus Defense Software is running

2. SmartOffice
One-Stop IT Fully Equipped Business office Provider

Office fully equipped with :

  • IP telephony system
  • Wireless Broadband networking
  • IP Teleconferencing Audio/Video system
  • Webcam and security system
  • Projectors and Digital copier
  • Business Solution software;ERP,CRM, on
  • Customized Office Design/layout to suit Business image
  • Situated at popular business center