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Manufacturing Execution System

  • To break down sales order items into different manufacturing processes
  • To assign WIP station to each manufacturing processes
  • To assign Operator to each WIP station
  • To allow daily manufacturing to be categorized into three types of urgencies:
    • URGENT C that the due date is up
    • NORMAL C that the due date is coming
    • OVERDUE C that the due date has passed
  • To allow Sales Department to promote the urgencies of a particular Sales Order Item
  • To enable tracking on each WIP station based on:
    • Machine ID
    • Operator ID
    • Time In and Time Out
    • Due date
    • Quantity Produced
  • To enable On-screen Stock Item information viewing during production. Information to be viewed includes Drawing, Pictures and etc
  • To enable for Child Part Label Printing

Sales Order

  • To enable BULK Sales Order
  • To enable Sales Forecast


  • To enable insertion of Stock Item information such as drawing, pictures, tooling information, check list and etc.
  • To enable the receipts of third party (customers) items


  • To enable WIP Process Configuration
  • To enable WIP Operator Configuration
  • To enable WIP Process Routing
  • To enable WIP Process Logging (such as Time In/Out etc)


  • Cut down WIP Process Setup time, improving productivity
  • Cut down Operator Selection in WIP, improving productivity
  • Balancing the Operator Load, improving productivity
  • Improving products quality control

Sample WIP Process Management Screen

Manufacturing Execution System