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The Company

Linxis Sdn Bhd is a growing software development company which develops ERP, MRP and customized software solutions to fulfill the information technology (IT) needs and growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia. It has started involvement in software development services since 2000. With its wealth of experience and proven track records, coupled with competent top management team, Linxis has become a leader in developing and marketing platform-independent, feature-rich application software, providing IT solutions to the SMEs that are flexible, easily customized, scalable and portable.

Linxis has invested substantially over the years in developing two complete business and production management software packages namely PM II - ERP and AssetWorks for asset management. These two categories of software solutions designed by Linxis Sdn Bhd are operational and user friendly, deploying the latest programming and database technology for SMEs with annual turnover ranges from RM 10 mil to 500 mil. The software packages have been successfully implemented and are fully operational in many major industries in Malaysia include manufacturing, asset management, maintenance services, supply chain and distribution management, project engineering as well as precision engineering industry.

Some of our well-known customized application software packages which are implemented successfully for many SMEs in Malaysia are:

  • PartsManager for automotive and component/parts assembly and manufacturing industry;
  • ProductionManager for building material process manufacturing;
  • ProjectManager for palm oil plants and oil & gas project-based manufacturing industries;
  • AssetWorks for assets tracking, managing and maintaining software system.

The above customized application software packages consist of integrated software modules which include sales management, production planning, procurement, inventory management, production / WIP, outsources / contractors, logistic tracking, warehousing , costing, accounting, asset management and project management.