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AssetWorks at work


Managing fixed assets by hand can be a very daunting task especially in today’s business world. Imagine having to sort huge amount of data in hard copies, just to access the information would take hours. This is where asset management software takes place. It can automatically complete tasks in second by just a few click of a mouse.
The software can handle tasks such as

  • Monitoring maintenance of assets
  • Keeping track of the interlinked assets (insurance policies, contacts, leases etc)
  • Inventory and tracking of fixed assets
  • Managing and maintaining current asset
The financials for accounting purposes Asset management software is designed with great ease and accuracy. Here are some of the benefits of asset management software:
  • Storing of all data into an easy manageable database
  • Sharing of related information across the organization
  • Obtain information anytime thus saving time and energy Inventory Reconciliation