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Creative Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd.

Creative Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed contractor registered under the Ministry Of Finance to undertake any government projects.

In a competitive and fast-changing business environment, there are two important key success factors that drive organizational competitive advantage namely

1. The continuous training and development of human resources, and
2. The effective and strategic applications of ICT solutions.

Founded upon this concept, Creative Technology Solution Sdn. Bhd. are in the business of assisting Malaysian companies, particularly SMEs to build sustainable competitive advantage through training and development of human capital, and effective applications of ICT solutions to create total synergy strategically.

Invetech HR Training and services

We are a management consulting, human resource training and development unit of Invetech Consulting & Linxis Sdn Bhd. We specialize in assisting organizations with the development of a total strategy for competitive advantage. We help people and organizations develop and grow in ways that support their business objectives.

Our main objectives are to serve our clients in their improvement efforts in a manner that will yield lasting business results, to work with them to create sustainable competitive advantage in their markets and to impact key revenue metrics in the shortest amount of time possible.

With all our clients we work as partners with their internal improvement staff to transfer our skill and knowledge to their internal resources. To accomplish this, we provides customized development programmes and client needs including team effectiveness and leadership, communication, personal effectiveness, managing change strategy formulation, sales and marketing management.

Our expertise is continually developed and provided by a team of dedicated and experienced consultants associates.