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Download EZ Cheque Trial Version


It allows you to print 10 copies of sample cheques.

EZ Cheque Writing Software Product Information

For Fast processing Get a DEMO Request form.

EZ Cheque product has 3 editions:
  1. Desktop Edition: Single Company and single user access.
  2. Multi-Co Edition: Multi companies and single user access. (Default license comes with 3 companies, 1user).
  3. Network Edition: Multi companies and multiple user access. (Default license comes with 3 companies, and 3 simultaneously users access )
  • Bank reconciliation (only applicable too Multi-Co and Network Edition)
  • Additional company license (only appliccable to Multi-Co and Network Edition)
  • Additional user license (only applicablle to Network Edition)
Default EZ-cheque voucher printed on standard A4 size paper (Half of A4).
To print on specific format require customization.
For others further in details pricing assistance, you may to contact our agent company: Linxis Sdn Bhd, Mr Vincent at 603: 7880 8829

Trial Installation; Just double Click the icon and click run. The rest of the steps are just clicking next, next to finish up the installation.

EZ Cheque database initialization string ========================================
During the first time running EZ Cheque, you will be asked "Please key in your database driver URL for the first time :" you should key in
the following: jdbc:mckoi:local://./database/db.conf
For McKoi Licensing please refer to \mckoi1.0.3\license.txt
Go To Internet Explorer and type