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EZ Cheque Writing Software Prospect Information

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Ez Cheque is an eazy-to-install software that eliminates the need for writing cheque manually. With the software, cheques are printed together with the payment advise, detailing the payee's name and other relevent details. The payment information is stored in the database for easy tracking and extraction, reducing the risk of mistakes when making recurring payments. The software also helps automate cheque reconciliation process. Its data can be exported to excel format.

  Company Name:       PhoneNo:  
  Contact Person:       Position:  
  Address:       City:  
  State:       Zip:  
  Website:       Appointment Date:  
  Email:       Appointment Time:  

How did you hear about The Product?
A popular search engine Link from another site From a friend

Business Details

Description of prospect's Industry :

  Nature Of Business:     Gross Annual Sales(Mil):  
  Size of Organization:       No.of Operator:  
  No. Of Management:          

Decision makers

 1.Name:     1.Position:  
 2.Name:     2.Position:  
  Other:     3.Position:  

Current System

  ERP/ Accounting:     Other:  
  Fiscal Year:     No. of User:  

What do you like about your current system?

What is missing in your current system?

What is the Manufacturing Environment?

Batch process Continuous process Make-to-order(MTO) Make-to-stock

Mixed-mode discrete manufacturing

Time Frame

  Decision or Purchase Date:     Implementation Start Date:  
  Best Time to Convert:     Estimated Completion:    


Is the Budget Set??
Yes No

  If yes, what is the Budget?   RM    


Looking at other solutions??
Yes No

Likes or dislikes about each one?