Software Prospecting Questionnaire


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Prospect Information

  Company Name:       PhoneNo:  
  Contact Person:       Position:  
  Address:       City:  
  State:       Zip:  
  Website:       Appointment Date:  
  Email:       Appointment Time:  

How did you hear about The Product?
A popular search engine Link from another site From a friend

Business Details

Description of prospect's Industry :

  Nature Of Business:     Gross Annual Sales(Mil):  
  Size of Organization:       No.of Operator:  
  No. Of Management:          

Decision makers

 1.Name:     1.Position:  
 2.Name:     2.Position:  
  Other:     3.Position:  

Current System

  ERP/ Accounting:     Other:  
  Fiscal Year:     No. of User:  

What do you like about your current system?

What is missing in your current system?

What is the Manufacturing Environment?

Batch process Continuous process Make-to-order(MTO) Make-to-stock

Mixed-mode discrete manufacturing

Time Frame

  Decision or Purchase Date:     Implementation Start Date:  
  Best Time to Convert:     Estimated Completion:    


Is the Budget Set??
Yes No

  If yes, what is the Budget?   RM    


Looking at other solutions??
Yes No

Likes or dislikes about each one?